Mo Elnahal

Data Analyst – Software Engineer

“I help others take the right data-driven decisions”

What I DO

Data Analysis

I am specialized in analyzing data. Results, trends and recommendations are clearly presented in reports or tools

Data Analytics

Get more value from your data with machine learning techniques, for example by predicting behaviour or targeting the right customer.

Web Development

As a web developer, I help to design and create the perfect website for starters and freelancers. A website is optimized for desktops and smartphones.

Data Visualization

I create dashboards and reports that show the most recent results in an interactive way. By clicking and drilling, you will examine trends and patterns yourself.

Software Development

I create software that’s easy to use and works well. My job is to write code that helps computers do what you want them to do. I make sure everything I build looks good and runs smoothly.

Database Management

I set up databases that are easy to use and keep them running without a hitch. This means your information is always ready when you need it, safe, and organized

About Me

Hello! I’m Mo, a dedicated and innovative software engineer with a rich background in data analytics. As a proud graduate of Liverpool John Moores University, I bring a blend of technical expertise and a natural flair for numerical problem-solving to the table.

From my school days as ‘the maths guy’ to my hands-on experiences post-graduation, my journey has always been guided by a fascination for numbers and calculations. My academic path, punctuated by a strong focus in software engineering, took an exciting turn in my third year of university when I delved into the world of data analytics. This foray not only complemented my degree but also opened up new avenues for applying my skills.

My professional stride began right after graduation, stepping into the role of a data analyst. Here, I quickly made my mark, earning accolades for my ability to unearth insights from complex data sets. My work has consistently impressed stakeholders, leading to tangible, impactful business decisions.

What drives me is the challenge and satisfaction of turning data into stories – stories that not only make sense but also make a difference. Each data set to me is like an intricate puzzle waiting to be solved, and I thrive on the thrill of finding those unique patterns and hidden narratives.

With experience spanning various projects and a portfolio that underscores my skills in Python, R, data visualization, and machine learning, I am excited to explore how my analytical abilities can align with your organization’s goals.

Eager to embark on this data-driven journey together? I’d love to hear from you.

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My Experience

07/2023 – 10/2023 (Contract)


R, Tableau

02/2023 – 05/2023 (Contract)


WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Trello

06/2020 - 09/2020 (Internship)

Software Engineer @MCIT Egypt

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Git, GitHub, Jira

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